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Scared Rhythm Blueprint
Report and Portrait

Sacred Rhythm Calendar

Sacred Rhythm Blueprint
Report and Portrait

a personalised cosmic tree of life story

What does our the date of our birth hold for us? What was the cosmos celebrating and living on that day? How are they both related?

The Mayans were attuned to the universe and developed a sacred calendar which forms the basis of your Scared Rhythm Blueprint signature report, which offers a guide towards the potential and possibilities available to you, and highlights the qualities you carry, while surfacing the heartbeat rhythms that support you.

"The sacred calendar acts as a bridge between the heart of the sky (movements of the planets) and the heart of the earth (roots of the maize).  As such it can be used to determine the interaction of the divine with the earthly plane, or as we could put it, the earthly life path chosen by one’s soul" Mark Elmy, Mayan Astrologer

What will you receive?

a report that describes your unique blueprint life path energy aligned to a universal calendar. It will include the sacred rhythm of your path, the cosmic heartbeat of the day of your birth and your soul qualities. 

you can also choose to combine the report with a resonant blueprint portrait which illuminates insights, and activates the creative imagination.

after receiving the report, you  have the option for a one hour follow-up.

"What I received from Halla was unprecendented and refreshing. Her insights gave me new lens to look at my relationship with myself and life, along with a beautiful artwork that carries an energetic transmission tailored according to me! " Chris

Special  Message to Parents

having the Blueprint Report of your infants and children, is a great gift to both of you. It is a resource that guides you on  understanding them better, supporting them as they are growing and helps develop a healthy dynamic and deeper relationship with them. 

"Like a gift from the subtle realms, it’s like being invited into a deeper enquiry of what’s wanting to unfold in each of us” Lizzie, mother of Vesper

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Sacred Rhythm

a universal calendar

guided by the Mayan 9th Wave

It is time to walk on Earth in our daily life with intention and conscious awareness; to step forth  always knowing the ground we are moving from. How do I do personally do it? What  guides me everyday and anchors my sense of belonging are: my values, ancestral lineages, connection to the land and nature, human heart resonance, active reflection and the natural rhythms of each day.

Are you curious to learn how to navigate your days with intention?

Are you keen on mapping your daily experiences in innovative ways to see the bigger picture?

Yes; then know that you are not alone, we can walk together following a universal calendar that comes from the masters of time, the mayans. 

"sacred rhythm helped me center myself and connect more to the energy of the day. it is a beautiful magical way that reconnect you with your essence." Joumana Massoud

What will you receive?

A novel experiential reflective timekeeping practice that doesn’t need you to be familiar with the mayan calendar, namely  Sacred Rhythm journaling which I have established and have been following since 2011.

You will also receive a personalised 36 days Daily Energy Calendar which complements your daily solar scheduling calendar. 

"Sacred rhythm has allowed me to be with and in a mapping of days where 36 span as 1. Somewhere this was known - already held in the ancient cartography of my spirited self.  Yet un-covered and un-tethered.

With Hala’s deep guidance and teaching I am beginning to understand, sense and note this ‘new’ way of aligning with time. It’s a true gift." Yvonne Bartfield

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