Life Long Learner


Mystical Andalusia
(Spain, July 2017)


Creating the world: How to foster creative community (Online, November 2010)


Authentic Leadership Summer Program
(Halifax/Canada, June 2007)

World Council for Gifted and Talented Children World Conference
(Warwick/UK, August 2007)


The Firemaker Lebanon Project 2008 (Building resilience and social empowerment through the creative arts)
(Ramlieh/Lebanon, May 2008)

The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Questions and Conversations that Matter (Germany, July 2008)


Flourishing Schools
(Surrey, January 2016)


Coming into Their Own
(Netherlands, March 2011)

Embodying (Y)our Calling
(Belgium, April 2011)


Presencing Foundation Program
(Schlossmarbach/Germany, February 2009))


Strengths of Slovenia
(Slovenia, August 2013)

Global Women Leadership Assembly in Education
(Amsterdam, November 2013)

The Alchemy of World Service - The World Economy
(Online, December 2013)


Space between Stories
(Online, March 2015)

Embodying the Sacred Feminine
(Norwich, October 2015))


Chartres - Dialectia
(Wisdom University, July 2014)

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to deepen my knowing, understanding and enhance my own unique practice, I have been attending various related workshops and events all around the globe. 

Self Care and Self Development

  • 5 Rhythms - movement meditation
  • coming into your own - women's retreat
  • frontiers of health by Dr. Christine Page

Community innovation methodologies and practices

  • art of hosting and harvesting conversations that matter
  • authentic leadership summer program
  • presencing institute by Dr. Otto Scharmer
  • sacred economics by Charles Eisenstein
  • schumacher college by Satish Kumar


  • educational collaborative for international schools (ECIS)
  • world council for gifted and talented children

Nature and Deep Mysteries

  • terra parizval quest by Miha Pogacnik
  • new chartres academy - Ubiquity University

Creative Arts

  • east side institute
  • zakheni - transformative art center


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