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into the Dance of Life

Creative Hosting


Into the Dance of Life

touching the extraordinary in the ordinary

soul nourishment and creative envisioning

It is time to listen, exchange and evision together.

Do you resonate?

Do you relate?

Are you open and curious to listen and learn from the golden nuggets of my life experience where I was able to transform my deepest wound around “the meaning of belonging” into the medicine I am offering “creative leadership”?

Are you longing to weave your deeper insights with those of others into a new story for our world?

Does your soul long for nourishment by being in a circle of beloveds?

Yes; then know that you are not alone. Through my inspirational engaging talks and circles, we will enter the dance of life together, touching the joyful pulse of life and bringing forth the new narratives that are waiting to be heard.

What do I offer?

inspirational engaging online or in person group gatherings.

one of the many resources I carry with me is my creative journal book: into the dance of life -

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  • at the Mosaic Rooms, London 13.07.2018

  • at the Mosaic Rooms, London 13.07.2018

  • at the Mosaic Rooms, London 13.07.2018

  • at the Mosaic Rooms, London 13.07.2018

at the Mosaic Rooms, London 13.07.2018

Creative Hosting

a heart centered practice

It is time to bring evolved structures and experiences of learning and being.

Do you resonate?

Do you relate?

Are you visionaries, founders and entrepreneurs; constrained  by the limitations of existing conventional processes, practices and systems; ready to move "education" to a new foundation responsive to our current 21st century times?

Are you facilitators, educators, creative artists with a strong desire to shift the current education system in service of the new generation through an evolved system of learning and being?

Yes; then know that you are not alone.

I hold a vision for an emerging way of learning and being; and together, we can co-create a higher vision for the education of the new generation.

I also developed a practice “Creative Hosting” which transforms the emphasis of teaching learners into curating learning experiences.

What do I offer?

guiding and teaching facilitators, educators, creative artists, on how to become Creative Hosts – for themselves and for others

"In leadership it is difficult to find a space where you can meaningfully reflect on your practice and rethink your approach. My session with Hala Makarem have given me that space. Hala is a truly active listener  who understands that reflection needs time. Her questions are probing and, more importantly , responsive, so that she helps you unlock the barriers that are important for you. She is patient and creates an atmosphere that  feels safe enough for a participant to explore new, creative pathways. " Richard Parker, Head of ISL London

offering a model – nSite – for the application of creative exploration hosting to develop the creative leadership of adolescent youth

what will you receive when you work with Halla?

  • you will pioneer new ways of learning and being
  • you will bring new heart centered ways of learning and being to the new generation
  • you will bring an active sense of meaning, excitement and joy to yourself and your learners
  • you will walk your talk - by embodying your vision in practice

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a practical application of Creative Hosting 




Creative Leadership

Anchoring and Aligning

your passions, strengths, values and experiences
towards an integrated fulfilling life

It is  time for the emergence  of  next generation leaders. Those who are committed to living in their authenticity and truth; who are longing to lead an intentional purposeful life. Are looking to discover and clarify what your true work purpose is?  Do you desire to thrive and be nourished? Do you want to feel  joy in your work and contributions in life? Are you moving through a transition and do not want to cycle back into old patterns?

Do you resonate?

Do you relate?

Yes; then know you are not alone, I will walk next to you through my one-on-one creative mentoring.

Do you have a passionate inquiry, looking for higher insight and understanding? Are you parents looking to be authentic and connected to your own unique role and purpose in life, at the same time honoring the creative potential of your children?

Yes; then know you are not alone. I will be your thought partner, opening up the creative imagination. Once the felt perception sparks and reveals possibilities, thinking steps in to discern, understand, organize, and structure. a beautiful dance between the heart and mind.

“Like a jam session between two musicians, no one knows at the outset what the song will become. Like jazz, when two people play off one another they create something entirely new and different.” Barbara Huson

What do I offer?

guiding and mentoring you in an innovative way, using creative experiential reflective practices that I developed and practice.

"Hala is truly gifted in bringing into visibility the field of potential and supporting people in unlocking their own creative gifts and noticing the fresh shoots emerging. Her work is particularly beneficial for those who are in transition as she focuses on the transformative energy of life that can lay the ground for renewal." Kate G.

what will you receive when you work with Halla?

  • your deeper insights will be illuminated
  • your  creativity and creative expression will be empowered
  • your imagination will be expanded
  • you will access your ability to pursue bigger, bolder, broader paths while keeping the best interest of all 
  • you will start developing the foundations towards a fulfilling thriving life where you are the creative leader of your own life journey 

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