Halla Makarem

  • are you committed to deepening your integration process?

  • are you committed to creating environments of possibility and nurture?

  • are you curious for inspiration that activates the felt-structure of the Heart?

  • are you open to attune to the tone of the universe, the sacred rhythm of creation?


Experience Design

Anchoring the Experience

the core of this program is to create environments of possibility and nurture in service of grounding choices and actions for thriving outcomes and wellbeing.

responding to the following key questions:

what is the nature of leadership that is responsive to our times to be present in time in place?

how our intention and attention affect the quality of  learning experiences?

what are the qualities called forth to cultivate in service of expanding into becoming educators, hosts and curators of nurturing and grounded learning experiences?

quiet. present. aware.

ease. certain. accomplished.

for questions or details of the program email: welcome(at)hallamakarem.com 


"The space Hala curates is a creative learning environment that bridges learning with life ... What all students need, are safe spaces in which they can share their gifts and vulnerabilities, discover and explore the meaning of what they value, live lives of joy and excitement, and learn skills that support and enable their lifelong well- being, social relationships and capacities to innovate."  Robert Harrison Head of IBO MYP Development, 2018 in his presentation at the IB Educator Conference that year, entitled: Teachers as Curators

Creative Integration

Aligning the journey


pause. allow. reflect.

discover. expand. integrate.

a 1 hour heart-mind conversation - giving to yourself

a space of nurturing, rest, exploration and receptivity

here, you touch on the wisdom of Halla's life experience and her capacity to weave and connect the dots, supporting you in

* aligning with your life-giving purpose

* connecting with the field of possibilities

* accessing your creative expression

* delving deeper into a question you hold

* receiving clarity and insight 

for inquiries and registration details email: welcome(at)hallamakarem.com 


“Halla facilitates a process that encourages even deeply product-oriented habits to take a back-seat to a wonderfully creative and emergent conversation. ... an encouragement to continue to explore what is possible and what you may have, uniquely, to give..” Mike P.

"In leadership it is difficult to find a space where you can meaningfully reflect on your practice and rethink your approach. My session with Hala Makarem has given me that space. Hala is a truly active listener who understands that reflection needs time. Her questions are probing and, more importantly, responsive, so that she helps you unlock the barriers that are important for you. She is patient and creates an atmosphere that feels safe enough for a participant to explore new, creative pathways." Richard P. (Head of school)

"I would describe our time together as a way to pause, to take a step back, a deep breath, and look at the larger picture. By looking at the larger picture, you can realign and reprioritise things, as well as re-apportion your energy. It is also valued to be listened to and to receive undivided attention for a period of time." Susan S. (Head of Multilingualism)

"Hala is a great host of conscious circles, space holder, creative with words, listens to the collective thought forms, compiles experiences and finds common patterns, very active contributor during the passage to the heart." Sarah E.

Into the Dance of Life

the Book: a Creative Journey

inviting you to an exploration of Halla's creative book and the possibilities of collaboration

Here  www.intothedanceoflife.net you will find

  • the story of the book - the unfolding process 
  • recorded readings are available on instagram @blueprintrhythm

interested in hosting an into the dance of life gathering:  exploring, sensing, feeling through readings from the BOOK, expanding and  co-creating an emerging Heart-centered application, we can co-design an inspiring, illuminating process

interested in a speaker to creatively inspire, set the tone and open your gatherings

interested in purchasing a copy of Into the Dance of Life

email Halla to start a conversation:



"Hala is a lover of movement, roaming the lands of our ancestors, dancing change into the Earth, or masterfully weaving beautiful stories. she also appreciates stillness and being-ness. the tapestry of life is colorful and words, drawings, pictures, sounds and rhythms are some of the tools she uses to craft her art.

ever sensitive to the changing flow of life, Hala is like an instrument, elegantly, constantly and finely tuning to the energies within and around her. one of her key words is integration and she encourages taking the necessary time to letting all aspects of change sink in on an individual and global level, so that we can spiral up the stairway of our evolution. we clear the old dusty cobwebs to weave and reveal sparkly new ones.

... may the reflections of this publication reach many and inspire them to go on their own journeys" Maysan M.

في كلمات هلا مكارم ثورة وجدانية تجوب في صدى أحرفها حقيقة الكيان تنجلي على واقع أرض متجددة في رؤيا توحيد الخلق والحق

د. شيرين المعلوف

Sacred Rhythm

Relationship to Time

we are experiencing a new relationship to TIME if we give it attention and allow a new form of participation.

how do we attune to the sacred rhythm of the universe?

curious, interested to explore

daily heartbeats that set a tone complemented with reflective questions are posted at:

Instagram: @blueprintrhythm


31.12.2023 - 04.02.2024
initiating the physical creative leadership expression and soulful presence of the emerging #sacredrhythm

"I am so grateful every day to your daily gift of cosmic alignment to the sacred rhythm of creation . It intrigues me , it is so puzzling often and always sooooo inspiring." Edivia N.

the Path

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